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Wolfeboro Public Library Foundation

The Wolfeboro Public Library Foundation is a publicly supported non-profit charitable foundation incorporated in New Hampshire in December 2011. The Foundation was formed by a group of your neighbors to facilitate local philanthropy by providing a tax-advantaged opportunity for donors who wish to support the expansion of Wolfeboro’s public library.

We have no paid staff. Our volunteer board of directors is charged with providing governance that protects the interest of our donors, prudently manages funds entrusted to us, and handles day to day operations of the foundation.

Our Board of Directors

  • John C. Sandeen, President
  • Krista V. Marschner, Secretary
  • Robert B. Woerheide, Treasurer
  • Robert J. Conrad, Director
  • Frank E. Hardenbergh, Director
  • Kimberly A. Lehmann, Director
  • Roger F. Murray III, Director
  • Amy O. Piper, Director
  • Amy M. Tamburri, Director
  • Linda Wilberton, Director 
  • Candace W. Thayer, Director

Library Liason


For further information  please visit our website.